Professional audio

Audio system rentals, sales, repairs and manufacture

d & b Audiotechnik / Soundcraft / Midas / Yamaha / Avid / Allen and Heath


RPA Sound, based in Southampton, UK, provide rental of audio systems, sales of new and used equipment and repairs, and manufacture of new equipment and cable systems.
We have been established for 30 years, and have a wealth of experience in all areas of professional audio from arenas, festivals, tours, and one off events of all sizes.
During the past 12 months we have provided equipment and personnel for events in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Israel and Romania.



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As well as hires, and sales, we can also offer supply of crew, transport and storage of equipment.



We have used d and b Audiotechnik systems for just over 20 years, and still use this system today.

We supply, and operate systems of all sizes from small systems for Schools and theatre, up to large scale rock and festival events, its fair to say that no system is too small or large.

Using d and b systems has enabled us to solve many difficult audio challenges, using the directional bass systems, and highly controllable line arrays, we have provided controlled audio in some lively acoustic spaces like cathedrals, and noise sensitive sites. Using the directional bass set ups, we have reduced unwanted audio output causing problems on many festival sites. This feature has not only helped with problems off site, but also reduced the amount of spill back onto the stage, which is a huge advantage for events like conferences, theatre and orchestral shows.

The reliability of d and b is exceptional, and along with this, our pre checks that are carried out before every event, have maintained a very low failure rate, and a fantastic confidence for our clients that their audio will be perfectly provided.

We can supply equipment to your specification, our own stock of consoles from Soundcraft, Midas and Yamaha, can be augmented with any manufacturer you need, and we can provide any items of audio equipment including microphones, cable systems, stageboxes, multicores, power distro systems, radio systems, rigging, motors and flying systems.